Monday, 11 August 2014

Summer 2014 in the Evergreenstate Seattle!

There are 14,029 kilometres from Uganda to Seattle. This is how it all began 5 hours from Uganda to Dubai, 11 hours in Dubai, Emirates is always kind by booking you in a hotel overnight. After 14hours on Emirates from Dubai to Seattle. I got to Seattle, picked by my sister we drove to Everett.

Its been an amazing time,by the time you read the movies i watched will be old. Lucy, Hercules and Guardians of the Galaxy. Always good to experience different cinemas in different cities, i could never compare Seattle to Kampala, :)

Watched Seattle Mariners play Chicago Redsox, it reminded me of the love i once had for baseball. Lou Piniella got inducted in the Mariners Hall of Fame. It was awesome watching that!
I did try out groupons amazing stuff. Went to Church, i always go the Roman CatholicChurch. We are more alike than different.

Everyone talks about how it always rains in Seattle,been here two weeks, havent got a little bit of rain.

Am gonna share my experience in pictures, they do speaker louder than words.

They are a few things in life that one can do, i choose travel. It always brings out the best in me.

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